Work in Progress

Essential Takeaway: A construction cone isn’t a bad thing

The sidewalk in front of our house was heaving up and causing some problems. I would stub my toe when I went out to check the mail. Hidden with snow, this panel would really cause me grief while trying to shovel. I wonder how many unsuspecting passers-by would trip. It was becoming an irritant, but I was also just living with my sidewalk reality.

Our bishop works for the city. One day I saw him get out of his truck and place a construction cone near the bulging sidewalk panel.

It sat there for a week or two and then city workers came and replaced the panel. They tore out the old, leveled the dirt, and poured new cement for a new level sidewalk panel.

I have thought a lot about this process since it happened. The bishop saw an irritant in my life and came to fix it. The construction cone usually symbolizes something inconvenient or even annoying in my life. In this case, I just thought “Caution: Work in Progress.” Isn’t that what the bishop does? He places a little cone around us to protect us while he removes an irritant. The work took time, however, it wasn’t as inconvenient as I anticipated.

After some time, the cone was removed and we have a new sidewalk panel. Can we tell where the new one is? Yes. Things don’t look exactly like they did before the bulge but I’m not sure that is how life works anyway. We learn. We grow. If we are really striving to be elect, we won’t look the same today as we did yesterday. Hopefully we won’t be the same a year from now as we are today.

It is o.k. if you need the bishop to set out a construction cone. Allow the work to progress. It might be inconvenient or even painful as things are being dug about. In the end, it will be even better. In the end, the newness will stand out.

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