Ordinary is so good

Essential Takeaway: Love the ordinary

My goal for this blog is to find the elect in the ordinary. Yesterday I studied Elder Bednar’s talk from the most recent general conference. In it he says “As we seek for a mind and heart open to receive heavenly direction by the power of the Holy Ghost, then some of the greatest instructions that we can receive and many of the most powerful warnings that can safeguard us will originate in our own ordinary experiences. Powerful parables are contained in both the scriptures and in our daily lives.” Personally, I LOVED that he used the word ‘ordinary’.

While having ordinary experiences this week, I was struck with a few lessons or parables. I’ll share one today. I spend a lot of time in the car running kids to and from activities. Sometimes this is a source of complaint, while at the same time, I recognize most of our craziness is of our own choosing.  This morning, as we were racing out of the driveway, I was struck with gratitude.   I have cute, happy kids. They are smart and involved in good things. This particular morning I was taking the two youngest to piano lessons and my middle child to seminary.

My hair is wet.  My daughters hair is wet. Normally I would not have taken a picture with wet hair and bad shadows. This morning, I felt grateful we were able to have nice warm showers. In the last couple of months we had the water heater die and the main house water pressure regulator break.  A hot shower isn’t always a guarantee!  Today (and 99% of the days) we have clean hot water on demand. Not every one has that blessing. The shadows reflect the beautiful fall morning. I really enjoy fall sunshine.

I am grateful we have a nice warm car to get two and from activities. I am especially grateful my children have a piano teacher that loves them. She is like a second mother to them. I am grateful they can spend some time in her home and feel of her love. I am grateful my daughter is having a positive experience in seminary. She has the chance to feel of the spirit and learn more of our Heavenly Father in a safe and welcoming environment.

My ordinary day will continue as I put my oldest daughter on a plane for Dallas as part of a college business trip. My son has an orthodontist appointment and wrestling practice. I will try to find time to buy a good winter coat for one child that has out grown her last coat. House cleaning, school work, dishes, meal prep, and folding laundry are all part of my ordinary.  The ordinary can become overwhelming, but I have a new resolve to take Elder Bednars challenge and try harder to see Heavenly Fathers hand in my life.

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