How to build a sanctuary

Essential Takeaway: Read, write, do.

The last speaker at the Latter Day Saint General Conference in Oct 2019 was President Nelson. Do you remember what was said? I remember he promised something EPIC in April. The guesses immediately started flowing and my imagination took over. One hour church? Free cheerios to all nursery age kids? General Conference would be a week long? Fly the entire church to New York? Fine, I’ll stop guessing because rumors won’t help anything.  I will admit, I had to re-read this talk a couple of times to really understand what we were told. In that address, President Nelson said “I hope that every member and every family will prepare for a unique conference that will commemorate the very foundations of the restored gospel.”  He then gave very specific things each of us could do to follow his council and prepare. While working on a way to implement these suggestions into my daily life, I also felt very prompted to read all of the general conference talks from October 2019.  I have learned through painful experience, when the Spirit says to do something, it is always best to obey, so I started studying.  I decided to do a “Countdown to Conference” each week and highlight a different conference talk. These will not be in any particular order. I am simply relying on the spirit to put them in the order they need to come.

President Nelson also said in that same talk: “We know the restored gospel of Jesus Christ will bring hope and joy to people who will hear and heed His doctrine. We also know that each home can become a true sanctuary of faith, where peace, love, and the Spirit of the Lord may dwell.” I have a goal of making my home a true sanctuary. Most days it does not feel like a sanctuary but more like a wild circus where I am a failing ring leader and has lost all control.  I believe that studying the conference talks and following council given in each of them will help me with the goal of attempting to create a sanctuary for the new year. Each Thursday between now and April General Conference I will highlight a different talk with things I have learned, things we are asked to do, and other random thoughts. What do you remember from President Nelsons closing remarks?

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