Brilliant Thing

Essential Takeaway: Chocolate is a brilliant thing

During the Christmas break, I was blessed to be able to attend a play by the Utah Shakespeare Festival. It was performed by a traveling group and was something I have never experienced before. The entire play was done by a single actress with a lot of audience participation. As an introvert, I was very impressed with her ability to keep the entire play moving along by herself. The play is called Every Brilliant Thing. It deals with the topic of suicide. This issue hit very close to home, so I was curious to see how they would handle such a sensitive topic.  The website describes it as “This funny and moving play shines a light on the effects of suicide, a serious problem in our day and culture. It is an adult topic, but is handled with warmth and hope. If prepared properly Every Brilliant Thing is suitable for all audiences and can be a springboard to important discussion among all ages.”  I totally agree with the description. The lead of the play deals with this tough topic by starting a list of things that she loves or enjoys. The audience is given cards and as the actress calls numbers through out the play we would yell out what was on our card. These were the cards I had:

After the play we were encouraged to write something we love, enjoy or are thankful for. Warm baths? Clean sheets? Moose tracks ice cream? My adult children making good choices? The younger kids going 5 entire minutes without fighting? (Just kidding, that one would be a miracle, not a brilliant thing)  Consider making a list of your brilliant things. I love blasting my favorite songs while I’m doing dishes. What is your brilliant thing?

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