Conference Countdown 12 weeks

Essential Takeaway: Be a smart Topi

The fist official talk in my conference countdown is from Elder Bednar: “Watchful unto Prayer Continually.” Usually Elder Bednar talks make me nervous. They go way over my head and require work to really did in. This time, I was mesmerized while Elder Bednar described the cheetahs hunting the topis.  He described cheetahs working in tandem slowly pushing forward toward the topis. He then spoke of sentinel topis communicating with the larger group to warn them of danger. I related this to a prophet, a stake president, bishop, personal revelation or other form of warning I could receive. The topis listened. Do I listen to warnings? Just this past week, a prophet of God sent an email to all members of our church. He encouraged us to study Josephs Smith’s account of the First Vision. If we have not read the letter, pondered it, or made plans to follow council given, are we ignoring the warning? That does not seem very wise. I don’t really want to paint animal blood on my doorway, but this letter felt a lot like the warning Moses gave the Israelites.

After the warnings are given, and the topis flee danger, Elder Bednar continued “without any delay, the two cheetahs resumed their alternating pattern…”  Satan does not take a break. EVER. He never takes a break. We can NEVER let down our guard. Elder Bednar says “Each of us NEEDS to be aware of beguiling bad that pretends to be good.” The use of the word ‘needs’ doesn’t sound like a suggestion to me.  He goes on to make several commanding statements. He uses works such as “Constant vigilance, need to stay awake, focus on the Savior…..” 

The need to be constantly on guard feels overwhelming to me. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I think wee are supposed to feel urgency. We are supposed to wake up and realize this is a serious enemy we are encountering with eternal consequences. Elder Bednar invited us to reflect on this story of the cheetahs and identify lessons that can be applied to each of us and our family. He then says “As you respond in faith to this invitation, inspired thoughts will come to your mind, spiritual feelings will swell in your heart, and you will recognize actions that should be undertaken or continued so that you can take upon you the whole armor of God that we may be able to withstand the evil day.”

Choose to accept Elder Bednars invitation to apply this to your own life. It is time to be more alert and recognize the enemy for what he is and what he is capable of doing. What are you being encouraged to do to protect yourself and your family?

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