Chocolate Grief

Essential Takeaway: Change might be ok

If you know anything about me, you know I love, no I NEED chocolate. A couple of weeks ago, true devastation hit my life. My kidneys are not doing very well. If I want to keep my kidneys happy, there is a long list of things I can not eat anymore. Imagine my horror when I realized coco was high on that list. Anything with coco in it is an absolute no, no. I went through the five stages of grief. Denial… I’m still alive, it can’t be as bad as they say. Fine, I’ll deal with it. I’m tough. I can deal with a lot of things. Wait, what if I only eat one small chocolate thing an hour? A day? Ok, a week.  No one can live like this. I can’t live without chocolate. Why me? Why MY chocolate? What did I ever do to deserve this horrific treatment? I’ll just stay in my room and cry.

I realize I may be a little dramatic, but it has felt rather traumatic to me. I think I have come up with a solution. White chocolate does not have coco.  White chocolate is much lower in oxalate. So, I cane up with a compromise.

I’ll have a little bit of white chocolate now and then. No more dark chocolate. Sometimes in life, things happen that we can not control. We have to adjust habits, routines, or even food tastes. Change is hard, but in my life, change has usually been good for me…. eventually. Pass the white chocolate, I’m thinking about embracing change.

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