Great Adventures

Essential Takeaway: Adventure isn’t all bad

This weeks conference talk is by Elder Uchtdorf “Your Great Adventure.” I loved this talk! Only Elder Uchtdorf can combine Lord of Rings and a Dumbledore quote in a general conference talk!  He begins by talking about Bilbo going on a great adventure. Then he goes into our adventure. Elder Uchtdorf says “We tend to lose sight of our great quest, preferring comfort and ease over growth and progress.” Oh, man, no kidding! Some people seem born with the desire deep within them for adventure. They enjoy travel, meeting new people, and see new things. I did not get that urge! I love to be in my little home, in my own little bed, in my little comfortable life. But Elder Uchtdorf says “The Savior invites us, each day, to set aside our comforts and securities and join Him on the journey of discipleship.” Yikes! He asked us to set aside our comforts!

Elder Uchtdorf never uses the word should but he does come pretty close with this quote: “You need to choose to incline your heart to God. Strive each day to find Him. Learn to love Him.” Note he uses the word choose. We get to decide where we turn our heart. I love that he uses the word learn. I believe our relationship with God is a process and takes time, like any relationship, to learn how it works. I appreciate the concept that God knows we won’t be perfect right away, in fact, He knows are going to mess up pretty good now and then.  Elder Uchtdorf says “God loves you no less when you struggle than when you triumph. Like a loving parent, He merely wants you to keep intentionally trying.” How good is the word intentionally?! It implies choice.

Last, Elder Uchdorf encourages us to not hide our faith. Be bold! Be brave. He specifically says to share our experiences on social media which is one reason I’ve been sharing. Will anyone read? Doesn’t matter. So, lets get going on this grand adventure and leave our comforts just a little. Be brave! Be bold!

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