Essential Takeaway: Hire a Maid or stop caring

This. This is our plastic bag holder in the laundry room. One of my lovely children “helped” me put the plastic bags away. No, I don’t have any 3 year olds. When I saw this, I had several thoughts.  My first was, REALLY?  Really, am I the only one that actually knows how to put the plastic bags away? Next I thought of some inspiring blog I could write about being overwhelmed or trying to hold too much. Then I thought about taking a picture of the plastic bags that are all over the floor; the ones that didn’t make it to the bag holder. I could be an inspiring parent and encourage the offending child (16 year old) to come do the job right. Then, I stopped thinking about it and I DID something about it. I walked out of the room. I have been in the laundry room several times since I found this offensive sight. I’ve done nothing about it. Some day I will find the energy to make the entire family help me deep clean the laundry room. Or, we won’t. Fight the fights you can and don’t fight the ones that don’t actually matter.

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