Conference Countdown

Essential Takeaway: Inspiration is your super power

This weeks conference countdown message is from Elder Oaks titled “Two Great Commandments.” The talk begins with reminding us of the two commandments; which are to love God and love others. One of my favorite quotes from this talk is “our zeal to keep this second commandment must not cause us to forget the first, to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind. We show that love by “keep[ing] [His] commandments.” WOAH! He then goes into a lengthy talk about loving those identifying as LGBT. Elder Oaks reminds us we need to be kind and treat all people with respect and kindness. He then asks a very good question. “How do we keep the commandment to love our neighbors? We seek to persuade our members that those who follow lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender teachings and actions should be treated with the love our Savior commands us to show toward all our neighbors.” He gives us the best answer. We need divine inspiration as we interact with those in our neighborhoods, work, friends, and even our own families. He gives this council: “This walk requires us to seek divine inspiration on what to support and what to oppose and how to love and listen respectfully and teach in the process. Our walk demands that we not compromise on commandments but show forth a full measure of understanding and love.” Elder Oaks then talks about President Kimballs quote about the women of the church growing the church and being distinct and different. Elder Oaks end with this “among those the women of this Church may save will be their own dear friends and family who are currently influenced by worldly priorities and devilish distortions.” Stand up! Don’t forget the first great commandment while trying to keep the 2nd! We need personal revelation to navigate these difficult situations. We can save our own loved ones!

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