Impress Me.

Essential takeaway: Not impressed, yet.

I needed to use our local church building for a family event the other day. I went into the kitchen and found that someone had done the “broomstick challenge”.  I thought it was pretty funny to see the broom standing there all alone in the church building. I wasn’t impressed though.

You want to impress me? Get that broom to sweep the kitchen floor by itself. I would also like a vacuum that can do it’s thing by itself.  Get a Rumba, you say? Are you kidding me? Those things are freakishly expensive and while I still have kids at home that are perfectly able to vacuum for free, I’ll pass.  I realize a rumba and my dog can basically take care of the sweeping, but a clean floor isn’t the total goal. It’s obvious I don’t care about clean floors. If I could figure out how to get that broomstick to go by itself, then I’d have something. In the mean time, I need to get the kids sweeping and vacuuming. I have many important things to ponder and discover.

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