Be happy for whatever comes

Essential Takeaway: Hard probably won’t kill me

I am making a few changes in my life and these changes are rather overwhelming to me. I was pondering my goals while running a few errands yesterday. While driving, I looked up and noticed this amazing view of the mountain. I feel like I am trying to climb a mountain but at that moment, I felt like God was with me and would help me climb. I’m not even a mountain climber. I don’t ever have desires to hike, so why was I thinking about climbing?! Notice how pretty the morning after a snow storm can be! The sun does come out! Granted, it was still FREEZING and I am so ready for warmer weather and longer days.

I was at my daughters piano recital last night and a young child gave the opening prayer. He said “Bless us to be happy for whatever comes.” That was so enlightening to me. A little child shall lead them! One of my goals/changes is working on what I’m eating. Because my kidneys are not happy, I have to be very careful what I eat. I am very aware that I am addicted to sugar and flour. I am an addict. I am changing what I eat and I hope my body will respond favorably to the changes. No one wants upset kidneys. My dinner plate looks a little different today, but I will be keeping a little prayer in my heart. “Bless me to be happy for whatever comes.” I’ll even be happy for extra salad and no more sugar.

I know life will bring all kinds of things to be in the next few weeks, because that is how life is. I am going to start praying every day to be happy for whatever comes, but stuff will come despite me being happy or not.

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