Conference Countdown

Essential Takeaway: Trust in the Lord.

We only have 5 Thursdays left until conference!!  I’m so excited.  Today’s highlight conference talk is by President Oaks called “Trust in the Lord.”  The title says it all!  No matter what happens, trust in the Lord. He did not have any specific “supposed to” or “shoulds” but I did find a few lines that felt like commands and we would be wise to listen. One of them was “Let us not teach or use as official doctrine what does not meet the standards of official doctrine.”  I will be considering what I use in lessons, Sacrament meeting talks or even on my blog more carefully. The second statement was “Trust in the Lord is a familiar and true teaching in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” We have been told this our entire lives. Maybe there is a reason for that council and maybe we take it a little to lightly. I loved what he said at the end: “The duty of each of us is to teach the doctrine of the restored gospel, keep the commandments, love and help one another, and do the work of salvation in the holy temples.”  That’s it!  That’s all we have to do! We can only take care of ourselves. Am I doing what I can to teach pure doctrine of the gospel? Am I trying to keep the commandments? Am I loving and helping those I am blessed to be with in this life? Am I doing the work of salvation in the holy temple? I think working on that list will keep me plenty busy for years to come!

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