Free time?

Essential takeaway: Time for vacation… introvert style.

How many hours do you spend as taxi driver getting your kids to and from activities? How many times have you wished for more time at home or more time as a family? It would be a dream come true to not have the family running in a million different directions! I guess we need to be careful what we pray for!

This Coronavirus has turned our world upside down in just a few days. I wonder when the auto spell check will start recognizing that word? Everyone has been effected in some way and I think we will continue to feel the effects of this for a while. With many activities cancelled, did your calendar open up? What are you planning on filling the time with?

Please stay home! We homeschool, so my kids daily routine will not change too much. If you are now new to this homeschooling world let me welcome you and then give a few suggestions. 1. Read aloud is fun for the entire family! 2. Quiet time. If you have small kids they can watch “educational” show while you read to your self. Let them see you read. If they are old enough to read, teach them its good to read quietly to themselves. 3. PLAY! Play games as a family, let the kids play outside, play, play play. Imagination is amazing. 4. Give yourself a break…. you won’t mess them up. The kids want to be with you and do things together. Stop feeling guilty. You are enough. 5. Teach them new skills…. cooking, cleaning, home repair project… anything! Just learn something new together and do the work together. That will become the memories they will cherish forever! Enjoy this time! What a blessing to stop all of the running around and get to know the kiddos better!

Our favorite family read alouds: Harry Potter series, Little House series, Little Britches series, Narnia series, Fablehaven series.

The main reason I write this is to encourage you to take advantage of this time we have been given. Time together is a huge gift and something we usually dream about. Don’t waste it! Make this a period of time your family will look back on with fond memories of spending time together.

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