100 Days

Essential Takeaway: 100 days is just 100 days

THIS. This sticker chart may not look like much to you but it represents a new life for me. It represents consistency. For one hundred days, I have been fighting for myself. I struggle with sugar addiction. I had serious health issues. I chose to fight my addiction. I have learned a lesson that can be applied to several areas of life. Anything we want to do, become, or achieve takes time. One day at a time. I wear the necklace every day to remind myself that overcoming addiction and achieving something major takes time. Yesterday was my 100th day of no flour, no sugar, and a couple of other “diet” rules. I followed those guidelines strictly for 100 days. I will follow them for another 100 days and 100 after that and 100 after that.

The bracelet was a reward to myself for hitting the 100 days. It reminds me that I’m doing this for me. I am reminded that it is ok to focus on improving myself. I am reminded that I need to show forgiveness and patience with myself. While on this 100 day journey, I had to let some other things go. Is there something you feel like you want to change in your life? Maybe you want to break a habit? Anger, wasting time on social media, no consistent bedtime? Do you want to gain a new habit? Exercise daily, read a book, learn a new skill, consistent gospel studies? Join me! Today I start another 100 days. Start today. Do not wait another day! We can share our victories in just 100 days! What will you be doing different on September 17th?

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