Faith Muscles

Essential Takeaway: Exercising hurts sometimes.

The last few days have been an excellent time for me to learn patience. I will admit, I’m failing miserably. I had a medical issue come up and I have been waiting a few days to have a biopsy scheduled. To make matters worse, I have been gaining weight like a pregnant elephant for a couple of weeks. I am in an all out war with my body. When thinking about physical earth life, physical bodies, or trying to loose weight, I repeat my mantra “Trust the plan. Stick to the plan.” My good friend and walking partner always says “This will end well.” No matter the trial, we have faith that this will end well. Yesterday I was reading Ether 12:29 from Moroni: “Having heard these words, I was comforted and said: Oh Lord, thy righteous will be done, for I know that thou workest unto the children of men according to their faith”. Meaning, I need to have faith that all of this will end well and for my benefit. Does this mean I will have no physical trials? No. Is it easy? Heck no! I’ve been so grouchy the last few days. I am having a hard time seeing the good in sticking to my diet. I’m frustrated with the doctors. Meanwhile, I feel crappy and I’m just tired of fighting my physical body. Faith isn’t faith if we don’t have to use it in the hard times. It doesn’t really count as a trial of our faith if we aren’t in the middle of a trial at the time we test it. Will things be ok? Yep. Will it all work out best for me? Yep. Will I be ok? Yep. Will I ever eat chocolate again? Nope. I have faith God knows what He is doing. He won’t subject me to more misery than He absolutely has to. That doesn’t mean I like it. That doesn’t mean it is easy. It just means I’m learning and I’m exercising my faith muscle a little more than I feel comfortable.

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