Good shoes are not essential

Essential Takeaway: What really is essential anyway?

This week is a crazy week for me…. well crazier than usual. We had a piano recital, and coming up are a piano competition, debate competitions, missionary packages to get out the door, several church activities, doctors appointments, and minor surgery that is so minor its actually called a “procedure.”  Oh, ya… school, bills, shopping, mountains of laundry, and attending to mental and physical needs are always a given.  My family is not unique in the craziness of the weeks.

This picture is what I’m calling essential. It was essential my daughter make it to her piano recital because she was another persons duet partner.  It was essential we show up and support this daughter in her recital. We show up. Everyone even found their masks! It’s not pretty, but we support each other.  The clothes aren’t cute. Hair isn’t combed. Who’s kid wears grubby working books to a piano recital? We were not prepared for a cultural experience that a piano recital is. But, we were there.

I am learning that the Lord loves effort. Only He knows what level of effort we are able to put forth at a specific moment in time. I am trying to put forth my best effort and then let the rest go. It was essential we show up at the recital. It was not essential for the 8 year old to have cute hair or that the 13 year old boy even know what a comb is. Apparently it is not essential that I notice the types of shoes everyone is wearing until the next day when I look at the picture. Make your best effort, one day at a time.

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