Seasons Commit

Essential Takeaway: Commit. Or not.

This is me yesterday morning. Over a year ago, I committed to walking outdoors every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The other days a week I’ll walk outside and sometimes I suffer through the monotony that is the treadmill. It was 16 degrees when I left the house for a walk. Am I showing commitment or stupidity? Probably both. Walking outside is way more than just walking. It’s inexpensive therapy. I usually walk with a good friend. We walk and talk. But, we also experience all four seasons God gave us. Some times, we experience all 4 seasons in the same week. I have a chance to reflect on Gods creations. I have a chance to be grateful for the seasons. When it is 16 degrees outside, I’m very grateful for the 61 degree walking weather. I am grateful that I can move my body. I’m grateful for a good friend that will listen to me and council with me. I’m grateful that I’m SLOWLY loosing weight. Yesterday, I was especially grateful for thermal underwear, warm socks, coats, gloves, and hats. I am so blessed to have a warm place to live and have so many things to keep me warm when I choose to be outside. Commitment has taught me many things. Time passes. Time does not care about my commitments or goals. Commit to something and watch the seasons come and go. Where will you be after a couple of seasons have passed?

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