Happy Halloween

Essential takeaway: Candy in large quantities is all that matters

Happy Halloween! This year I win most pathetic mother of the year award and I’m not even bothered by it. My 8 year old daughter REALLY wanted to be the Mandalorian. We needed to have a lesson about entitlement and rude behavior discussion about how $70 is way more than this mom will spend on a costume. With no other options, my daughter used good old fashioned creativity to make things happen. I tried to find the right costume at Costco for a reasonable amount of money, but when we checked 3 weeks before Halloween, her size was no where to be found. Pathetic mother, taking care of Halloween at the late, late hour of 3 weeks before! Sheesh. When did we shift to super elaborate and expensive Halloweens? When did we have to take care of costumes MONTHS in advance? I remember rummaging though the back of my dads closet 20 minutes before school started or borrowing stuff from a friend to pull together a costume.

With the help of her 13 year old brother, this is what they came up with. Is it worthy of a magazine cover? Probably not by today’s standards. I am choosing to look at the positive things that did happen. First, I don’t have the desire to do a photo shoot so thankfully no stress about the cute costume photo. Second, these two kids worked on this project for HOURS and it was awesome. Third, the older sibling took charge and helped his younger sister with a project. She saw him as someone that she can go to in need. He got the added benefit of helping someone. Service and creativity are always good lessons for children. Fourth, its not too bad and she is happy. Done and Done. Pass the chocolate.

Ultimately, I think Halloween comes down to one thing. CANDY. It seems that kids can dress to any level (or none at all) and run around the neighborhood and get themselves an obscene amount of candy. In the end, the pillowcase full of candy doesn’t care how much mom or dad spent on the costume, the party, or even the bucket to put the candy in. Maybe I’ve only been around super nice people, but I don’t know of any child that has been turned away because their costume wasn’t elaborate enough. The ultimate goal will be reached this evening. I’m a fan of candy. I’m an even bigger fan of creativity.

What do you think? Halloween now days are way better than what we had, or we should go back to the days of pajamas and carrying a baby-doll around?

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