Piano & life can be scary

Essential Takeaway: The fearless win… or something to that effect

Last week, my youngest two kiddos had their Christmas piano recital. Of course, we kept it socially distanced, numbers were very limited, and masks were required. The summer recital had been cancelled, so we were all excited to have something that felt normal. The Christmas piano recital is one of my favorite Christmas traditions! This has been a crazy year and we have tried to keep some semblance of normal, or whatever we thought normal was. While my son was playing, I noticed the picture of the Savior above him. I don’t often think about my Savior watching over me. I love this quote from Elder Eyring “Because they have no doubt He watches over them, they become fearless!”  I have not exactly felt fearless. Just the last couple of weeks, I have tried to really seek personal revelation and pay close attention to feelings and promptings I am getting. If I believe those promptings are coming from a loving Heavenly Father, (which I do) and I believe I am being watched over by a loving Savior, (which I do) then why not be fearless? My goal is to be more confident in following promptings. I encouraged my children to be fearless and confident as they approached the piano at their recital. I knew they had practiced, worked with a great teacher, and been prepared for that moment. The same principal applies to me. I am practicing. I have the best Teacher if I follow the Savior. I have been prepared for today and I am being prepared for tomorrow. Be fearless!

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