I get to decide

Essential Takeaway: What is my destiny?

I am one of the few people that love Mondays. I love getting back into routine. I love having a schedule and doing something productive. The first Monday in January is one of my very favorite days. Not only is it the beginning of a new week, it is the first productive hard working days of the year. I get excited with the feeling of potential for the year and that first Monday seems to be the first real day to set the plan into action. This is the first day to decide what will be different in a week, or month, or year. Do we make intentional decisions to become something better… to progress? President Thomas Monson said “Decisions Determine Destiny.”  I love that thought. Despite what the world tells us, we are not victims. We can overcome. We can take action and decide how we want our future to look. Each of us has the agency to take control one decision at a time! Heavenly Father loves us and knows that the only way to progress is to make decisions. Sometimes we make horrible decisions. He still loves us! In this process of making decisions one day at a time, we become something! What will you be a year from now? The year will pass away even if you decide nothing…. but what will you be if you are intentional about decisions? I’m excited to test this. I look forward to seeing where my destiny lies in a year because of my intentional decisions today!

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