Conference Commentary

Essential Take Away: I’ll take the change

This weeks conference commentary comes from Sister Craven’s talk titled Keep the Change. In this talk, she speaks of how when we purchase an item, sometimes the vendor will give us change back. She compares this to our Savior. We are always indebted to Him, and as we change and progress, He continues to bless us… keeping us always in His debt. She says: “As we show our gratitude to Him by diligently living His commandments, He immediately blesses us, leaving us always in His debt. He gives us much, much more than the value of what we can ever return to Him. So, what can we give to Him, who paid the incalculable price for our sins? We can give Him change. We can give Him our change. It may be a change of thought, a change in habit, or a change in the direction we are headed. In return for His priceless payment for each of us, the Lord asks us for a change of heart. The change He requests from us is not for His benefit but for ours.” 

During 2020, I lost almost 75 pounds. This has been quite a learning experience and a change for me. Sister Craven says “Our daily choices will either help or hinder our progress. Small but steady, deliberate changes will help us improve. Do not become discouraged. Change is a lifelong process.” I can testify this concept is true! I can also testify is it difficult to not get discouraged. The trick is remembering this is a life long process. Change takes time. I encourage you to pick just one thing you would like to change and then pray for help and make a plan. Do you want to change eating habits? Do you want to change scripture study habits? Do you want to change a relationship? Change is a hard and slow process, but it is worth it! A small handful of coins may not seem like much, but added up over time, it can grow into something you can really do something remarkable with! Keep the change!

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