I did a thing

Essential Takeaway: It was small but huge

I did a thing. I totally blew a personal goal out of the water on the treadmill the other day. Was it a hard goal? For me it was. For just about anyone else, including a mostly dead slug, it would probably be easy. I have never, ever enjoyed running. EVER. That slightly chunky kid that was always last around the track in P.E.? Yep, I came in just before she did. I honestly have never been able to see the benefit of running. The avid runners I know complain about feet problems and knee problems. They get all annoying talking about marathon training and how much time is spent and all the time I’m wondering “where do you pee?”  Who wants that kind of fun? The other day, I was feeling especially cranky. It was still in February, and as I’ve said before, February makes me cranky. It was cold and snowy outside and I did not feel like putting my many layers of walking clothes on. Feeling the need to do something to get out of my funk, I decided to use the treadmill for something other than a place to hang things. I set a goal, turned the treadmill on, cranked up the classic rock and went for it. I won’t tell you how far I ran or how fast I ran. I will say I DOUBLED my goal with some effort, but not so much that I wanted to die.

The euphoria was amazing. In my few days of running, I have noticed running cures a cranky mood almost instantly. Is it the running? The classic rock? Being away from the kids? Maybe it is beating an incredibly low goal? Whatever the case, I look forward to planning marathons, buying knee braces, and find out where runners pee. Is a week of running enough to be considered a runner? When can I go from posing to the real deal? Set a goal, even if it is low and go for it. Push yourself just a little extra. You might be surprised at what you can actually do.

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