Essential Takeaway: Celebrate progression

The month of May is about as busy as December! It is filled with graduations of various kinds, performances, tournaments, finishing up school, and other milestones. Usually I complain about all of the requirements in May. Not this time. Last year we were robbed out of these experiences. So many good things were missed. This May, I want to enjoy everything the experiences have to offer. I felt a loss last year. I have decided I need to mark progress being made. I need to see the results from months or a year of practice and hard work. I enjoy seeing the milestones and progression my kids are making. I believe we are spiritual beings and our entire purpose in this Earthly experience is to progress…. to make ourselves become better. This month, I am grateful for the blessings of progression. Let’s take a moment and celebrate progress. Celebrate being together. Celebrate happy connections.

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