Conference and Constitution?!

Essential takeaway: Patriotic music and a hamburger speak to me

Some people would say I am a bit obsessed with anything patriotic. My second obsession is general conference. Can you imagine my excitement when President Oaks talked about the Constitution of the Untied States of American IN general conference?! I can’t let this weekend go by without sharing this awesome talk!

President Oaks said “The United States Constitution is unique because God revealed that He “established” it “for the rights and protection of all flesh”. That is why this constitution is of special concern for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout the world.”

How cool is that? God established the constitution and The United States for US! For the restoration of His church, for all men to be free, for the protection of all flesh, and all members of the church worldwide.

This weekend, Im going to be blasting the patriotic country western songs. I love the flag. I want to BBQ some hamburgers, sit around the fire pit, and enjoy family visiting from out of state.

This weekend, take some time to ponder on the blessing it is to have The United States of America. Pray and ask Heavenly Father what you can do to help protect this divinely inspired constitution. Happy Independence Day!

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