Blindly Walking

Essential takeaway: Just because I can’t see the destination doesn’t mean I’m on the wrong path

I have been walking a couple of strange paths. I do not know where they are going to take me, but I want to keep walking. The first one is with my attempt to write. This month, a chapter I wrote in a book has been published. I wonder where this will lead me. I have been quiet around here because of the time it took to finish that book. I have been inspired to work on another book that will be all mine. Do you ever feel like you are being pushed forward, but you don’t know where you will end up? I have had to dig a little deeper to have faith in my Heavenly Father and this path I feel He has placed me on.

The second path I feel I am walking is with my health. Last year I lost 80 pounds. This year I have been totally stuck. After consulting with a couple of doctors, I have finally found the cause. I am grateful to doctors and their knowledge. I am grateful I felt inspired to visit with these particular doctors. While meeting with one of them, he kindly encouraged me to trust him. I knew at that instant I did need to trust. Trust this plan. Trust his knowledge. Trust the medication. Now, I need to practice patience. This path to health will take some time.

I share this with you in hopes that someone out there can benefit from my experiences. Just because I can not see the destination does not mean I’m on the wrong path. If you are feeling inspired to do something, just start. Take that step into the dark. You don’t have to see the end before you can start moving. It is not possible to see the end from where you are at now. This path has too many turns. I trust my Heavenly Father. I trust the plan. I will have patience and walk the path.

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