Finding joy in a binder

Essential Takeaway:  Making a binder fixes everything

While thinking about health concerns that I have had for several months now, I was reading Elder Christoffersons most recent general conference talk.  He said “Even when we are found faithfully keeping the commandments, there are trials and tragedies that could interrupt our joy.”  I would like to think I’m doing my best to be found faithfully keeping the commandments.  It seems to me that I have had several  “interruptions” all at once. I do not think I am unique. I also fully realize my “interruptions” are SUPER small and minor compared to what most people face.

When in the middle of an “interruption”, I tend to do better when I take control of the situation. I can not sit by and let the trial or tragedy take over my life. The best way for me to take control, is to make a binder! Organization soothes my soul.  The next time you feel annoyed by an “interruption” to your joy, decide to do something about it. Maybe you are motivated to serve others. You could draw closer to the Savior through temple service.  I make a binder and eat chocolate.

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