Essential Takeaway: The only way to win is to gain weight

My 7th grade son has just started wrestling. This has been a learning experience for the parents as much as the boy. We have become obsessed with how much the man child weighs. While sitting at practice the other day, I listened to coach talk to the boys.  He said ” I’m trying to impose my will on him and he is trying to impose his will on me. You can’t take a break, you can’t relax.”

Sounds a lot like Elder Bednar speaking about topis and cheetahs. Satan is trying to impose his will on us. We can not let him.  We have agency!  We can not take a break, we can not relax. Elder Bednar said “Constant vigilance is required to counteract complacency and casualness.”

Elder Bednar challenged us to seek for instructions and powerful warnings in our own ordinary experiences. There aren’t many more ordinary places than a high school wrestling room full of stinky boys.  I found the elect in a wrestling coach.

Just like my son in wrestling, we can’t relax. My son is fighting his opponent physically as well as mentally. We are wrestling with a pretty cunning enemy. Get your singlet on! Gain weight and get to work! Are you looking for revelation in the ordinary?

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