Wield the Shield

Essential takeaway: Get your own Shield

A couple of days ago I spoke to a group of women. We discussed how Satan, the adversary or that red guy on your shoulder is throwing arrows or fiery darts at us. It doesn’t matter what you call him, he never seems to run out of energy or takes a time out when we are wounded. The best way to combat this is to get a shield. We need to cover our vital organs and hope the damage is minimal. We will still get damaged, but hopefully our shield does it’s job and protects the vitals.

What about those we love? What about our kids? When they are very small, they can fit behind our shield with us. We carry the weight of the shield and protect them from the world. Unfortunately, this technique doesn’t last forever. As they grow, they can not fit behind our shield. We can not protect them. The shield was never designed to protect more than one person. We have to fashion our own shield and learn to carry the weight of it. Our children need to learn to do the same. We need to teach them to make their own shield and to carry it before they go out to battle on their own. It seems like the way the world is, our kids need bigger, stronger and better shields much sooner than we did. Maybe that is true, and maybe that is not. But the fact that they need their own doesn’t change. Help your kids or other loved ones get their own protection from that red guy on their shoulder. He never stops the weapons of war coming our way. We can’t escape them. We need to protect ourselves the best we can, then help those we love learn to protect themselves.

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