Conference Commentary

Essential Takeaway:  Hiking is hard

I am not a hiker. I haven’t really gone on any major hikes in my life. This summer I went on a few hikes. I tell you this so you will be impressed that I tried something new. I also could relate to Elder Whitings talk in general conference. He spoke of climbing a mountain in Japan. I didn’t hike anything that challenging, but the little hikes I went on were challenging enough for me.  Elder Whiting spoke of how we prepare for hikes. Hiking requires work. Hiking can be very hard and sometimes it takes everything we have to take a single step. And then another. Life is much the same way. Becoming like our Savior is the same way. Progression toward perfection requires work and sometimes it is one small step at a time. Elder Whiting gives us a few tools for the hike toward perfection. First, we need to have a desire to become like Jesus Christ. Second, we need to know our Savior to become like Him. As we get to know Him, we will see the attributes He has and we can start gaining those for ourselves. As we increase our efforts to gain Christ like attributes, we will become more like the Savior himself. Elder Whiting game us a homework assignment. Speaking to myself, I’ll say…. try not to get overwhelmed. Just pick one thing to work on. Only one (there are many to choose from) but stick to one for now.  Remember change takes time. Change is also using our agency and allowing others to use theirs. My favorite quote from this talk was actually a quote from President Nelson: “When we choose to repent, we choose to change!”

Homework assignment: Pray to Heavenly Father and if you are tough, ask loved ones to nicely tell you what is something you need to work on. Then, work on it!

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