Conference Commentary

Essential Takeaway: Let God do His Thing

The talk from conference I want to highlight today is from Elder Uchtdorf titled “God Will Do Something Unimaginable.” Well, first off…. I can imagine quite a but, so this seems to be a pretty tall order for God. Elder Uchtdorf begins by speaking about trials the pioneers faced. Then he spoke of the Covid pandemic. He said “this virus did not catch Heavenly Father by surprise. He did not have to muster additional battalions of angels, call emergency meetings, or divert resources from the world-creation division to handle an unexpected need.” I love that! We need to remember that when things come up in our lives, God knew they would come up! He has been trying to prepare us for those things! If we are worthy of the promptings and if we follow them, we are being prepared today for what will come up tomorrow! Elder Uchtdorf then gives us a couple of things we need to remember. “First, the righteous are not given a free pass that allows them to avoid the valleys of shadow.” Just because you are doing everything “right” doesn’t mean you won’t struggle. He then follows up with “Second, our Heavenly Father knows that we suffer, and because we are His children, He will not abandon us.” These are excellent reminders! He ends with specific things we can do. “Focus on the things you can do and not on the things you can not do. Then, muster your faith. And listen for the guiding word of the Lord and His prophet to lead you to safety.”  Let God do His thing! His plan is way better than anything I could imagine, so I need to get out of His way and let Him go!

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