Midland Michigan

Essential Takeaway: When it floods, get a boat

I recently stayed with family in Midland Michigan. A little over a year ago, a dam near the city broke and a large part of the city was flooded. While residents were dealing with many Covid-19 restrictions, homes and businesses were destroyed. The children’s section of the city library was the basement floor of the building. All of the books were destroyed! This is a picture of “the Tridge”… a bridge where 3 rivers come together.

Visiting a year after the flood, two words came to mind. Miraculous and Resilient. The people of this city impressed me so much. We spent one afternoon at a street art market/fair. I was so impressed at the recovery that had happened. There was very little sign of water damage. The people were out displaying and selling what they had produced. They were happy. They were together. They had come back.

A year later, I walked where the water had been. I enjoyed the city park that had been buried in water. I rode my bike on a trail that months earlier was completely underwater. There were very few signs of the destruction that had happened. Here is a picture of the Tridge I took from my walk

I started to think about life in general. We all have devastating moments in life. Sometimes the damage is so obvious and so deep that it seems we will never recover.

If we include Christ in our recovery process, the damage is never permanent. He has the ability to always make things better. We can always recover from the damaging floods in our life. The flood waters always recede.

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